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Welcome To Bell Precision Rifles


The premier firearms manufacturer in the state of Indiana with my weapons systems reaching across the globe. I specialize in precision bolt guns and through the years have applied that same craftsmanship to every weapon system that I can get my hands on. 

ABOUT US: A history and background of my roots that will bring you closer to the heart of the BPR family.

WEAPONS SYSTEMS: My custom build bolt guns with guaranteed .25 MOA repeatable accuracy at 100 yards and much more. 

SERVICES: Cerakote application and one of a kind services only found at BPR.

TRAINING: A list of my wide variety of options for increasing your proficiency with any weapon systems and knowledge base to dominate any scenario.

PRODUCTS: Through field testing thousands of products, if I did not find the component that met my standards, I manufactured it myself.  View my top picks and custom manufactured products.

GALLERY: Examples of my work and inspiration for your next project with us can be found here. Let us turn your fantasy into a reality.

CONTACT US: Send us an email, phone call, or better yet drop in and let us give you a tour of my shop. Walk-ins are always welcome and I would love to show you what I do first hand.

Bell Precision Rifles state of the art innovation ensures I stand out from the competition.

How? Here are the top 4 reasons:

1. With the Grand Safari and other innovative-patented products, your weapons systems will fall in the top one percentile

Manufacture patented parts that are like no other in the industry. Every component I use has been personally field tested and if it did not meet my standards, I fabricated a superior product.   

2. Achieve maximum potential for both you and your weapons system. my firearms are built to push the limits of my shooter and to ensure this reality, I offer a shooting course included with the purchase of one of our weapon systems.  

3. BPR is a Cerakote Master Certified Applicator- Increase reliability, add your personality to your weapon system, and protect your investment. 

4. NO HASSLE Lifetime Guarantee- No excuses and no exceptions.